Lexember 14, 2023

Lexember 14, 2023

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


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  1. And a few more for Kofnea-Kolos:

    1. lehwetse – adj. e-paradigm, m-class. 1. foundational: having to do with the fundamental essence of; 2. foundational: having to do with the original or proper form of; 3. foundational: having to do with or existing in the most fundamental, original, and lowest layer of reality, the heaven known as “under all”; 4. inviolable
    2. hwetse – adj. e-paradigm, m-class. 1. preserved alive, without loss of essential characteristics; 2. (of things) preserved without loss of value
    3. kanuali – n. fem. lit. “gatherings,” that is any group of people or things that have been collected up or gathered within the same context, e.g. kanuali yeshi, “sea gatherings,” are gathered up bundles or baskets of leaves, tree needles, or other natural items on Yunchot Tsuveyesh to throw into the sea as offerings. This is largely a coastal practice.
    4. hwetsengamo – v. to preserve by either reducing to a person or thing’s essence or making inviolable and unchangeable from a person or thing’s essence
    5. hwetsengamr – n. neut. preserver; with a-paradigm endings, person who preserves another unharmed and unchanged
    6. hwetsengamr(i)t – adj. preserved by pressing, drying, or using some sort of divine power of or technological stasis, or any other method which produces a sufficiently similar result
    7. amr – adj. a-paradigm, n-class. certain; sure; reliable
    8. ame – adj. e-paradigm, m-class. well-formed; shapely
    9. kanuanea – n. member of an assembly or gathering
    10. shigo duuotson – n. memory shop, a place that sells commemorative items and/or supplies for Yunchot Tsuveyon, that is the festivities of the summer solstice “Sun Dragon Day,” which include formal activities of recording and sharing memories. Also, one of the major sources for “pressings” of flowers or other plant material, which were gathered on a given day. These are used commemoratively, as sea gifts, or as parts of prayers and offerings.
    11. duuotsongam – n. memory maker, a place that creates or gathers commemorative items, with a selection for each date of gathering or completion usually within the last few months. Many accept commissions for upcoming weddings, births, etc. and will bring an item to just before completed and then complete it on the same day when called to do so once the event has actually been completed
    12. och – adj. e-paradigm, n-class. flat
    13. hwetsochm – n. preservation by pressing or drying flat
    14. nnuetsochmrt – n. pressings, that is “stuff” preserved by pressing or drying flat, frequently used commemoratively, as sea gifts, or as parts of prayers and offerings
    15. shouwe (uts.), jhouwe (ish.) – adj. e-paradigm, m-class. divine
    1. Addendum:

      1. basuahye – n. neut. a cake-like cookie, lit. sweetbread, frequently serving as traditional elements of holidays, e.g. basauhye duuotson, “memory cakes,” served on Yunchot Tsuveyonbasauhye shauyun, “wisdom cakes,” and basauhye yun and chot, “morning and evening cakes” served on Yunchot Tsuvechot
      2. shauwun, shauyun – n. div. wisdom
      3. nanu – n. div. 1. doll; 2. baked good made in the stylized shape of a person, one of the traditional shapes for sea gifts

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