Lexember 31, 2023

Lexember 31, 2023

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


One thought on “Lexember 31, 2023

  1. Last day, and an accidental heaping pile of words because that’s what happens when you’re trying to fill in the names of the 16 sacred months (and their two different 12-month variations).

    Lots of these are variations on existing words that I never looked at some of the obvious derivations for before, and quite a few are rooted in borrowings from God’s Tongue. Very few of the creaky old words actually naming the months are going in here directly, since they are a bit archaic with the nouns heavily borrowing from God’s Tongue and the adjectives sometimes taking forms they no longer take in non-fossilized tokens. (I will post the months when I’m done with the full set, but as the months, rather than as lexicon.)

    So for Kofnea-Kolos with atrocious formatting to be fixed some other time:

    1. noghua – touchstone, that is something which can be touched to communicate with the god who created it
    2. necheres – legendary, having divine power from a contract
    3. nechesnea – person who is a legend, having divine power from a contract and who wielded it
    4. hueresnea – person who has confirmed a contract with a god
    5. daiyin – language
    6. hwuntson – building, construction
    7. mesh – v. to pray or offer oneself in commitment
    8. yaguusho – tr. v. to be romantically attracted to someone
    9. yaguushu – adj. d-class, e-paradigm. attracted romantically
    10. usho – tr. v. to want or desire, to hunger for
    11. situusho – tr. v. to be hungry for food
    12. situushu – adj. d-class, e-paradigm. hungry for food
    13. ushuntson – n. 1. appetite, 2. being hungry in general, e.g world hunger; all the time, e.g. the growing boy’s hunger; or as a natural ongoing state, e.g. the void hungers
    14. amhoshunga – to sing
    15. amhogesa – to write
    16. amho – to speak
    17. amhorit, amhrt – spoken for
    18. amhrtnea – person who is spoken for
    19. kotson – to fight or wage war in a legitimized context, as a warrior or in a challenge, etc.
    20. kotsnea – warrior, fighter
    21. saitson – expansion, growth, spread
    22. saitse – expanding, spreading
    23. hwuntson – construction work
    24. osatunkute – adv. down, lower
    25. osageve – adv. down, lesser
    26. lihwietsab – rib cage, rib bones
    27. kuup – box, package
    28. genkuup – compartment, section
    29. egene – 1. to divide into sections, 2. to make separate or designated space for within an existing area or structure
    30. ukupu, okupu – 1. to package; 2. to store
    31. abadagv – to unseal, to open, to reveal
    32. yewenn – adj. d-class, a-paradigm. solemn
    33. suegali – colored cloths, much like scarves, used to decorate a home, especially for a holiday
    34. tuot – early
    35. wauot – late
    36. ungaa (uts.), unkaii (kin.), enga (gin.) – mid, during, at the ground or place of
    37. senyera – n. 1. breath, 2. wind, esp. gentle or steady
    38. asath – n. wind, esp. a rough or strong wind
    39. kuupar – piles, packages, queue of work to be done, sorted loads of laundry, sets of tasks or assignments which have been or will be distributed
    40. kuupars – task, assignment, project
    41. kuupartson – distribution, division of assignments
    42. kuupartso – to distribute, to assign
    43. kuupartsorit, kuupartsrt – distributed, assigned
    44. kuupartskue – distributable, assignable
    45. kuupartse – related to the activity of distributing things or assigning tasks
    46. kuuparse – task-related
    47. kuuparso – to work at a task, assignment, or project
    48. gungum – small bird, baby bird, rookie
    49. gungumun – egg, someone ignorant or unintelligent
    50. gumunga – birds nest
    51. yial – to turn, to rotate, to change
    52. daashwar – wheel(s)
    53. yaad – sound, noise
    54. ahim – adj. x-class, a-paradigm. pleasant

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