One thought on “Conlang Resources

  1. Here are some more sites for conlangery:

    Glossopoeia – the legacy of Glossopoeia from Imzy on Discord
    /r/conlangs – the official subreddit for conlangs (there is an invite for its discord server in the subreddit)
    Anarchy Langs Discord Server – This is a server dedicated to creating collaborative languages
    Protolanging – A discord server for developing just that – proto-languages
    Conlang Critic – A discord server for the well-known Conlang Critic on YouTube.
    Conlangery Podcast – The famed Conlangery Podcast hosted by George Corley with co-hosts William Annis and Bianca Mangum.


    Conworlds – A bulletin board specifically for world building.


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