The Dailies. May 31

The Dailies. May 31

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


11 thoughts on “The Dailies. May 31

  1. Not much conlanging today; however, I did create one word. I realized I had the word for to break, but not for to fix, repair. Thus:

    palʰano (v.t.) to fix, repair; 1sg masc palʰanin

    I fixed my door hinges
    palʰanikʰin tʰalanemime nidʰakunalo
    lit: I fixed the joints of my door

    tʰalani (n. masc) joint; pl tʰalanemi
    dʰaku (n. fem) door; pl dʰakune

  2. The difference in time drives me crazy because here is already 1st of june! But since the new post is not up yet, I will comment here anyway 😛

    So, today I finished (for real) the verb conjugation! In my last comment I said that it was finished too, but pronouns were missing. Well, now I have them.

    I don’t know how to create table, so I will show it the old fashioned way. The personal pronouns are: u’ (1st singular, ‘ is skipped if next word starts with consonant), vu (2nd singular), ca (third singular, neutral), u’i (1st plural exclusive), uvi (1st plural inclusive), vi (2nd plural), cai (3rd plural).

    The subject can also be marked in the verb by appending the pronouns to the verb (with a connecting vowel if there’s a consonant cluster). Except for impersonal verbs (to rain), all verbs must have a subject, but it can be either a separate pronoun or the verb ending. It’s *not* allowed to have both options in a single verb.

    So, this is the conjugation of spiritual progressive future (indicative) of the verb aduvi (“to come”):

    * Cudaduvos-u
    * Cudaduvos-uvu
    * Cudaduvos-aca
    * Cudaduvos-u’i
    * Cudaduvos-uvi
    * Cudaduvos-ivi
    * Cudaduvos-aicai

    The hypen between the verb and the pronominal ending is just for the sake of clarity. Tarina uses a conscript (still in developement), so when using the Latin transliteration the rules are not very strict.

    As you might have notices, the connecting vowel is the vowel of the pronoun. In the case of *cai*, the connecting “vowel” is *ai* because diphthongs are considered a single vowel.

    I’m in an existential crisis because verbs seem so clumsy. Maybe it’s because after repeating the same verb over and over again to make the conjugation is tiring.

    This is an example sentence:

    Abho cuvavuduvus-aca avu bemune i’u nata.
    IPA: aβo kuvaduvusaka avu bemune iʔu nata
    A rabbit goes to a place with a person.

    Does it sound good to you? Maybe the non-long nouns compensate the too-long verbs?

    1. Are comments editable? I just noticed that I didn’t translate the sentence correctly. The translation should be “A rabbit **will be going** to a place with a person.”

    2. I’d scheduled the post for 11 am my time, whereas it used to pop up at 2. Is there a time that would be better for you?

      Tables in comments, I’m not sure, though images in comments is working. If you make a post, I added a full editor menu so table is on there.

      I like your verbs. Sometimes it’s the repetition making it seem awkward. Sometimes there’s just a couple forms I end up tweaking in my paradigms.

      1. I’m in UTC+2 (Madrid time zone). Th best for me would be to have the post published when the day starts (because sometimes I conlang in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon/evening). Midday is probably fine too, though.

        1. Wow. Yeah, if I published at 7 a.m. my time, you’d be getting it at 3 pm your time, and that’s probably the earliest I can swing with the acknowledgement that if I ever forget to “schedule” the post, it’ll go up around two hours later than that.

            1. I mean sure I could schedule for 12 am, but as I often do not get everything pre-scheduled and am right now having to troubleshoot crossposting and actually DO on a normal day use the post in my own timezone when it shows up, it doesn’t work well to go earlier. 7 am is when I can be sure I get it done by, plus is five hours earlier than the original posting time that seemed to work okay for everyone before. It does get it into early afternoon in your timezone, which is better than after bedtime. I mean, if I put in your morning, it’s pretty much literally yesterday for me. We’re just in very different timezones. This is a compromise from me originally AIMING for early afternoon so there’d be time to do something before reporting on it.


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