The Colourful Week – Introduction & Day 1

The Colourful Week – Introduction & Day 1

There was no introduction post but here’s a new challenge for this week: describe pictures using your conlang. They will be posted each day at 10:00 am (Madrid time) except for today’s post (sorry, I forgot!).

This is the first day of The Colourful Week challenge, which consists of describing pictures using your conlang. You can write from a single simple sentence to a full paragraph. That’s up to you! Today’s picture is:

The image is taken from a scene of the anime movie “Spirited Away”, by Studio Ghibli.

You include the IPA transcription, gloss or other information. Thank you for participating!


7 thoughts on “The Colourful Week – Introduction & Day 1

  1. This is for tarina, my newest language:

    Odhu erha comemurus elini emuimi arhi di cobe’us asa ca.

    IPA: /oðu eɾa komemurus elini emujmi aɾi ði kobeʔus asa ka/

    [A] fat mouse is asking for help because weird black things are jumping around her.

    I had to come up with all adjectives, nouns and verbs used in this sentence. But it was fun to do. This challenge may seem a bit difficult, but I think it’s easier than the Dumb Week because it has more flexibility, and you can be more creative. That’s why I used tarina instead of nevira; the former is less developed than the later.

    Let’s see what you come up with!

    1. I like the flexibility of this challenge! Will come back later to contribute w something of my own (only saw it today since spotty wifi access due to travel).

  2. Mūbēko wuhafkab fon nindigkab kedmak gōunan.

    The animal is standing with the black ball-circle.

    (is standing-(3s) animal-the with circle-the ball-adj black.)

  3. I participated! Yay! Here we go. Very simple.

    linam hawam yʍɛlɛ:tu, hawam linam tilunɛ:tu

    Darkness surrounds light, light towers over (lit. out-talls) darkness


    Basic OSV structure, times two. I’m kinda seeing this as an idiom abt balance and stuff.. however, I am not sure it has a place in this particular con-culture. I may just keep the English version of the expression and use it for something else. but either way, at least I have two new verbs.

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