The Dailies. June 14

The Dailies. June 14

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


29 thoughts on “The Dailies. June 14

  1. Updated my Moghliógn notes for a short story (probably won’t build out this language), so I could coin another word or two I need. Didn’t get any further alas.

  2. I’ve had fun translating sentences from canons (and a song) I like into Beldreeni.

    New words for the purpose:

    dokrau (vb) ‘gain’ (from do, ‘to’, and krau, present tense of ‘to hold’)
    ōno (vb) ‘lose’
    nieliimo (n) ‘message’

    laina ‘without’ (from lai, ‘with’ + na, ‘from’ – taking inspiration from English for once)
    kotuusya (n) ‘knowledge’
    utiba (postpos) ‘behind’ (from u-, adverbial prefix, and tiba (n) ‘back'(on the body)

    I’m going to list the original first – or the official translation into English of the original line – then Beldreeni, followed by glossing and finally re-translation into English, since I’ll have to change some words/syntax. In the glossing, FAM, NEUTR and FORM stand for levels of formality/politeness, SUB-CL means the start of a certain type of sub-clause, and END-SCL means the end of a sub-clause.

    ‘I’m going to be the King of the Pirates!’

    Pōtaranya ho onshu to, baga fetedde!
    Sea-bandit POSS king TOP 1sg.FAM become-FUT.FAM(/NEUTR)

    =”I will become the king of pirates!”

    ‘I have 8000 men behind me!’

    Baga tume haudasa min di baga utiba yobo!
    1sg.FAM five 1728 person ACC 1sg.FAM behind have.FAM

    =”I have 8640 people behind me!” (8640 being the nearest large multiple of 12.)

    ‘The moonlight carries a message of love.’

    Teúluboni fio ho nieliimo di selya.
    [name of the largest moon]-shine love POSS message ACC carry-FORM

    =”The moonlight carries a love message.”


    ‘I’m made of love, and it’s stronger than you.’

    Baen posö o fio ru, ofa kero di man sejem ru.

    =”I’m made of love, which is stronger than you.”

    ‘I can show you how to be strong in the real way.’

    Ane erel ga lai jem fetyan adi, baen kero di prunan ör.
    SUB-CL manner real with strong become-INF END-SCL 1sg.NEUTR 2sg.NEUTR show-INF can

    =”I can show you the way to become strong in the real manner.”

    ‘You cannot gain anything without losing something.’

    Laina gulka di ōnoyan shan gulka di dokraunan ören.
    without something ACC lose-INF 3sg-GENERIC something ACC gain-INF can-NEG

    =”Without losing something, one can’t gain something.”

    ‘They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know.’

    Ipan baho kotuusya man koso sese apadde.
    3pl.ANIM 1sg-POSS NOM-know.FORM COMP-PP much more learn-FUT.NEUTR

    =”They will learn much more than my knowledge.”

    -Even when simplifying the syntax (I feel no shame for this – even in Swedish the exact translation of the English phrasing sounds too cumbersome and unnatural), I wasn’t able to retain the “ever” aspect of the statement. I may return to this. Beldreeni doesn’t really have a word like “ever”, not yet at least.


    *The postposition o generally means ‘to’ but also has the grammatical function of marking the agent in a passive or perfect participle construction.
    **Unsure of how to gloss man, which resembles English “than” in meaning. I went for “COMP-PP” here.

            1. It’s not your fault WordPress is being a jerk! I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Including its irrational dislike of another user’s comments.

      1. Thanks awfully! Incidentally, I have been reading more from Greville Corbett’s book “Agreement”. I can’t always follow along with the various analyses, but I adore the examples taken from all over the world and from all kinds of languages.

  3. So this is a poem
    And this is a second line using shift+enter

    And this is a new line using enter

    Do you have the dropdown menus at the top of the comment? Source code is under Tools.

    1. I will try to use shift+enter too
      And perhaps it will work this time,
      Since now I’m not copypasting
      From the Dreamwidth post, as before

      But I can’t see any dropdown menu
      No tools to give Source Code to me.

      1. Can you screenshot your comment entry?

        Okay, so I don’t have it on reply, but I do on top-level comment on post. Going to see if I can tweak the editor settings at all.

          1. Or, apparently, not. *sigh* The “select an image for your comment” doesn’t seem to have worked*. Trying once more!


            *Incidentally, “This doesn’t seem to have worked” looks like a grammatically tricky sentence to translate into my conlangs for me.

                1. So I can give you admin status and did, but the source code button is not working even when I enable it correctly. 🙁

                  You can access the html version through the comments dashboard or top-level reply on create only.

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