The Dailies. June 5

The Dailies. June 5

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


7 thoughts on “The Dailies. June 5

  1. Today, I transfer my starting vocabulary for Akachenti to my new working space wiki, with the understanding that it’s rough draft material, but I find it useful to actually have the starting vocabulary somewhere convenient, even if I’ve changed some things since.

    It was buried in a rather poorly organized word document, and the Google spreadsheet I’d moved it to couldn’t handle the original romanization, so I’ll be updating to the new one and reevaluating the original prosodic notation as well.

    Yesterday was mostly just working on this comm, getting comments updated with edit capability for signed in users and a nicer interface overall.

    Reminder: anyone registered can also make actual posts. I make the dailies posts because I always have, but feel free to throw whatever you want out there. Showcase is for actual samples, links, etc. of your languages, in case it wasn’t obvious. I think the rest are more intuitive.

    1. When you talk about the wiki, do you mean an actual MediaWiki wiki? I use one too, hosted on Miraheze. It’s really useful, specially because I also put everything about my worldbuilding there (I would post it here, but it’s in Catalan, so nobody would understand it, I assume!)

      > Yesterday was mostly just working on this comm, getting comments updated with edit capability for signed in users and a nicer interface overall.

      Great work! It look much more pretty and intuitive now! 

       > Reminder: anyone registered can also make actual posts.

      Once I have something finished (script, basic tarina grammar,…) I will make a showcase post. Also, when my exams finish next week, I have the idea to make some translation challenges.

      1. Yup! Though I used the super easy installation on 1and1 and it almost worked right, except figuring out how to edit underlying settings is a bear and I may have to move it or see if I can FTP fix them.

        That said, never saw that site before and my interest is piqued.

        I’m glad the new and improved comments work for you! I’ve never seen anything as dumb and weird as the way comment permissions are built into the wordpress core. :shudders: Plugins to the rescue.

        I’m so looking forward to the posts. And good luck on the exams!

  2. I finally made the present perfect tense and I think it works the way I intend it to. Thus, I can now make the following phrase:

    kaura satʰerinanni shina? [kɑʊɾɑ sɑtʰɛɾinɑnːi ʃinɑ] (greet.) Welcome back
    lit: Have you returned well?

    I created a new word:

    kʰali [kʰɑli] (n. masc) fire; pl kʰaleni

    And finally, I started “calligraphizing” NeoMahler’s script. I must say it gives it a futuristic feel to it. I will practice a little more (I made a mistake writing one of the vowels) and post a couple pictures (one natural light and the other vectorized).


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