The Dumb Week – Day 2

The Dumb Week – Day 2

This is the second day of The Dumb Week challenge, which consists of translating grammatically correct sentences that make no sense. Today’s sentence is:

The sickingly prodigous profile is a storyteller without equal.

Translate it to your conlang(s) and, optionally, include the IPA transcription, the gloss or other information. Thank you for participating!


One thought on “The Dumb Week – Day 2

  1. Slightly late, but I got to it: (Firen)

    The sickeningly prodigious profile is a storyteller without equal.

    Sůggotogosdi kůdekapzuffutadoskza geddasůddo gůnaṙserigodaohantoitaza.
    /sɵ́gːo.tó.gós.di kɵ.de.káp.zúɸːu.tá gédːa.sɵ́dːo gɵ.nɑ́ɚ.sé.ʀi.gó.daʊ.hán.tó.i.tá.za/

    sůggo-to-gos-di  ků-de-kap-zuffu-tadosk-za  gedda-sůddo  gů-naṙ-seri-godao-han-to-i-ta-za
    sick-making-one_characterized_by-INS  PRES.HAB-very-good-omen-to_be;DISS-A3I  strike-form(I)  PRES.CONT-without-sameness-story-speak-er-person-to_be.IND-A3I

    There are quite possibly a couple mistakes in this, particularly as regards vowel harmony and accent placement.

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