Describe somebody – Day 4

Describe somebody – Day 4

This is the fourth day of the “Describe somebody” challenge, which consists in describing somebody you know. Today, you have to describe your best friends. Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph.


2 thoughts on “Describe somebody – Day 4

  1. Sāri ælwiwas eše-tere mijat-hme. Njehi tilla yhwa. Sio kiriwyl.

    Sari was-named most-close friend-my. Young child Tea we-drink.

    My closest friend’s name is Sari. She has a young child. We drink tea.


    Yay adjectives! I’m being so productive for this challenge, you guys.

  2. Nūfdofo pwē kabab ūmowēdi efdo. Bān dabuhā. Dimanēnō wen wobyākab. Fōfofo pendi ond afhimdi.

    My friends learn about math. They are intelligent. We play games during the evening. They climb walls with rocks.

    Learn-3p about math friend-pl my. (They are-perm) intelligent. (Play-skill)-1p during evening-the. Climb-3p wall-pl (by means of) rock-pl.


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