Describe somebody – Day 6

Describe somebody – Day 6

This is the sixth day of the “Describe somebody” challenge, which consists in describing somebody you know. Today, you have to describe a teacher you have/had. Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph.


2 thoughts on “Describe somebody – Day 6

  1. Dekakod dugo kabab. Mēd būfipek. Inbekod dūb napē vōdēdēmak. Hepekod mūm Bodun.

    A man taught math. He could not see. He sat in a wheelchair. He sounded of Boston.

    Teach-3s-past man math. (Be able to-3s)-past not-see-inf. Sit-3s-past on chair wheel-noun. Sound-3s-past of Boston.

    I’m not sure if I like the wheelchair calque. Rolling with it for now, to coin a phrase.


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