Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 1

Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 1

Hi guys! Since we are without NeoMahler this week and I really want to keep poking my conlang and the challenges are good for that, I thought we’d have a silly, filler challenge week. Basically since I can’t think of anything better, I have used on of the random generators at Seventh Sanctum (in this case, the Quick Character Generator) to generate the following randomness:

The crippled boatman coping with mental illness.
The nimble, generous philosopher.
The amiable acrobat who hates children.
The rebellious jailer.
The cheerful, striking sailor.
Use as you see fit! Could be a straight up translation challenge, generating a new set of words you’d need for a person such as this, a few lines in your conlang about such a character or whatever else you can think of! I will return tomorrow with something else, maybe from the same gen or another one. And hopefully, later today with my own contribution to the challenge.

3 thoughts on “Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 1

  1. Keeping it simple cuz I keep not having time for more than just making the odd new word.

    Lehweija-hme i’šynra.

    Their (s.) aunt/uncle is sexy/attractive.

    lol! Today I coined šynra, which means good-looking, attractive etc with a nuance toward sexiness.

  2. Mental illness, hmm…

    New adverb “nifauk” corresponds roughly to “in a depressed/anxious way,” what we might consider less severe but more widespread mental illnesses. It often takes the verb “to lie down,” but can also take others like “to walk” (which carries more of a sense of “to carry on with life despite affliction).

    Related verb “fau-“; “to withdraw, isolate onesself” (in a negative way).

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