Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 2

Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 2

Hey guys, time for another random filler challenge. Today I swiped the prompts from Seventh Sanctum’s Random Mood Generator and they are:

Sociable and scared.
Sociable on the surface, but disoriented underneath.
Ambitious on the surface, but envious underneath.
Intrigued and agitated.
Extremely stubborn
As usual, connect the dots in any way you like! How would a person in this mood be describe in your conlang? Does your conlang have any super specific mood words, for these moods or others? Maybe post a dialogue with some characters discussing their moods! Anything goes!

4 thoughts on “Random Filler Challenge Week – Day 2

  1. Specific mood words to show off, let’s see… (Both of these take the verb for “to feel [an emotion]”)

    wūkin: zeitnot, crunched for time

    ēyendam: metaphorically “stuck”

  2. I am a bit tired tonight so no energy for sentences. But I did pick two random things from my list of fun stuff out of the word generator and turn them into moods/traits:

    iɣmewtul = jealous, and in some case also envious I guess

    jeʃif = curious, nosy

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