The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 2

The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 2

Today is the second day of the Colorful Week 2.0 challenge. Today’s picture is:

Your task is to describe or talk about it in your conlang. Write as much as you want!


One thought on “The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 2

  1. So, I have two alternatives here because I am not sure yet if animals (or some animals) are grouped in with people or with objects in terms of verbal conjugations. So I did both.



    It brushes itself


    This one is pretty basic because my inanimate words don’t have a reflexive, you just use an object pronoun affix and make it clear from the context if subject and object are the same or not.


    Mȳršwe rešrešwā

    3p.s-Reflexive 3p.s-brushes

    It brushes itself


    With this one, I wasn’t sure at first if I should use this word order, but I figure: if it was a straight transative verb and the object was someone/something else, then that object would come first, so why not the reflexive. I don’t actually like the reflexive pronoun I made, so I’m probably gonna replace it eventually but at least the structure is right.


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