The Colorful Week 2.0 – Introduction

The Colorful Week 2.0 – Introduction

Hi! Tomorrow the second Colorful Week will start. Each day, you will find an animated image (gif) which you will have to talk about in your conlang. The difference with the first version is that this time all images will be animated.

Also, I announce you all that next week (the one that starts on 14) I will be on vacation, without internet, until mid-September. That means no challenges organised by me for one month! However, I repeat: if you want to organise a challenge, just post something in the “Challenges” category! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Colorful Week 2.0 – Introduction

  1. Oh yay! I loved colorful week the first time – glad its making a comeback.


    I’d happily host some challenges while you’re away, if I can think of some fun themes!


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