The Conweek – Day 3

The Conweek – Day 3

This is the third day of the Conweek challenge. In this challenge, you have to describe different aspects of your conworld or conculture.

Today you have to describe a country of your conworld.

Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph!


One thought on “The Conweek – Day 3

  1. thammalida hadikha lorthome.  thomidinu kalanune ma hadikhalen. efodha hadikha dharakhenime hana bena hadikhaneme. thomidinu phash saurammune hadikhalen hanar. harli toshani dirmolhu saurammu. efodhi phro dhalannume.

    I am super excited that I made a rudimentary paragraph! Here’s the translation:

    The country (land) is called Lortho. People live on that land. The land has mountains and flatlands. Many animals live on the land, also. The toshani is the largest animal. It has six legs.

    Here is the gloss:

    thammalid-a hadikha lortho-me.
    called-PRS.3SG.NEUT land.NEUT lortho-ACC

    thomid-inu kalanu-ne ma hadikha-len.
    live-PRS.3PL.FEM person.FEM-PL that land-INST.

    efodh-a hadikha dharakh-eni-me hana ben-a hadikha-ne-me.
    have-PRS.3SG.NEUT land.NEUT mountain-PL.MASC-ACC and flat-NEUT land.NEUT-PL-ACC.

    thomid-inu phash saurammu-ne hadikha-len hanar.
    live-PRS.3PL.FEM many animal.FEM-PL land.NEUT-INST also.

    harl-i toshani dir-molh-u saurammu.
    be-PRS.3SG.MASC toshani.MASC (superlative)-large-FEM animal.FEM.

    efodhi phro dhalannume.
    have-PRS.3SG.MASC six leg-ACC.

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