The Conweek – Day 5

The Conweek – Day 5

This is the fifth day of the Conweek challenge. In this challenge, you have to describe different aspects of your conworld or conculture.

Today you have to talk about the taboos of your conculture.
Why do they exists? If there aren’t any taboos, why are they so open-minded?

Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph!


3 thoughts on “The Conweek – Day 5

  1. A’e Verishi, vu utu bhaseshus i’emi naili vun. Ifo vu bhe’i’emut emumu na, ca tedhuc eli vu.

    Translation: In Verishi, you can only touch your friends. If you touch an unknown person, you will scare them.

    Literal translation: In Verishi, you only can touch friends of you. If you touched unknown person, they would be scared because of you.

    IPA: aʔe veriʃi vu utu βaseʃus iʔemi najli vun. ifo vu βeʔiʔemut emumu na, ka teðuk eli vu

    That’s my first sentence using conditional and subjunctive! 😀


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