The Conweek – Day 6

The Conweek – Day 6

This is the sixth day of the Conweek challenge. In this challenge, you have to describe different aspects of your conworld or conculture.

Today you have to talk about the typical dress of your conculture. Are they different for each gender? Is there a symbolism behind them?.

Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph!


3 thoughts on “The Conweek – Day 6

  1. I don’t know enough about clothing yet, but this is at least related.


    Ælaw kašiwyl, to-deu om yhwǣlam i-ælaw. Relšiwyl-tu yr nadehatu.

    Blue we-like, because the ocean is-blue. We-wear-it at holidays.

    We like blue, because the ocean is blue. We wear it at holidays.


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