One thought on “The Literary Week – Day 6

  1. Everybody will die, but very few people want to be reminded of that fact.
    Bůnulasao raosůṙia, kůk nommaskommasaodu sedsůṙiaki met hisktif.
    Bů-nula-sao rao-sůṙi-a, kůk nomma-skomma-sao-du sed-sůṙi-a-ki met hisktif.
    F-die:IND-A3A all-person-PL, but want-think-A3A-P3D few-person-PL-ERG this-D truth.
    All people will die, but few people want to think of that truth.

    Unfortunately without infinitives or a word meaning “to remind”, I can’t translate this in a way that preserves the nuance of “to be reminded”, with its unstated but implied causal role. I will probably coin a word for “to remind” later on, and therefore solve that issue. But for tonight, this is enough.

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