Lexember 14

Lexember 14

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


7 thoughts on “Lexember 14

  1. Chulotti

    1. chisuk • [ tʃɪ.’sʊk ] • n. lover, sexual partner

    Swear words and relationship negotiations. A few yes/no words and an occasional interjection or particle. This is apparently all the vocabulary area that’s working for me right now. 😐

  2. It’s my mom’s birthday, so I decided to coin some words to talk about that today.

    Already coined: kat, day, fanzaimnao, cycle/year (lit. “sky-turning”*), čunno, birth.

    In the Empire, adulthood is considered to begin 6½ cycles after birth. So, therefore, I need a name for a half-anniversary, as well. The word for “half” is ri.

    Anniversary: serizaimkat (“same-turn-day”). Half-anniversary: rizaimkat (“half-turn-day”). Birthday: čunnokat. Half-birthday: ričunnokat.

    Birthdays are named in this order: 1st half: (niričunnokat), 1st full (ničunnokat), etc. So you become an adult on your 7th half birthday, or your ričotůniričunnokat (“half-dozen-one-half-birth-day”). (I might redo the number system in the future, so this is subject to change.)

    I didn’t need to coin any new roots for this, but I think this is a good amount of work regardless.

    * It’s been a while so I’ll repeat it here: Ailhaotnůṙ is a flat plane, above which the sky rotates about a fixed central axis, which is the center of the world, and also the location of an intense beam of heat and light that shots into the sky. The immediate vicinity of the axis is hot enough to boil water, and the site of a massive and beautiful forest of exquisite crystalline trees, which slowly changes into a woody jungle over miles and miles of land, and on the axis itself, there is a massive mountain of purest diamond, called the World Seed (Haotnesis.) The land does not rotate, which solves the problem of centrifugal forces tearing the world apart at the edges, and the sky avoids that same problem by not being made of actual matter. Instead, the stars are made of magic. (Though of course at these speeds, you’d need to get 1.6e15 miles (or 2.7e15 km) away from the axis, which is 285 ly, to experience 1g of lateral acceleration. So I guess it’s not an issue. You know what, forget I said anything.)

    The sky is divided into 12 equal slices radiating from the axis, each called a lao (“month”) and dedicated to a particular Aspect, and each lao‘s stars are different. Kofao‘s stars are hot reddish orbs, while Filao‘s stars are small, white and cold. The sky turns once every 864 days, giving the length of a cycle. Days are formed by the brightening and dimming of the stars, there is no sun and no moon. (Days are somewhat longer than on Earth, so in total, a cycle is almost 40 months by Earth calendars.) Time of day is worldwide , but seasons are local, so the opposite of Earth’s time zones/months.

    Oops, that was a long footnote.

  3. kōēm: boulder

    I came up with a witticism the other day that I realized could be adapted into a conlang proverb, so stand by for the next word in the translation… 🙂


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