Lexember 31

Lexember 31

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


10 thoughts on “Lexember 31

  1. Met lelaote, vůmmasidi basketifvů jučotůke gůlotusubo kaffaṙlattao. Venailka čas “kon” man “ven”, gůserihanadodi sůvvetifaki “first” man “last” ko English-rentifji.

    This month, I made 40 words in agreement with a schedule. The last two are “kon” and “ven“, which say like English’s “first” and “last”.

    The full list is:

    1. vůssi, an unpleasant surprise; vůssa, to feel shocked (Pt)
    2. skihi, an automaton
    3. lůffotif, soul
    4. lozza, to heal
    5. tůṙtif, cute
    6. čaontuf, tired, sleepy
    7. haffa, to break, to be broken (Pt)
    8. sek, side or facet
    9. linna, to skip unintentionally, to pass over (AP)
    10. stav, to repair, to fix (Pt)
    11. gol, cup or drinking vessel
    12. dun, thread, fiber, strand
    13. gemmitif, something that required skill and effort to produce, but which is nonetheless terrible
    14. serizaimkat, anniversary; rizaimkat, half-anniversary; čunnokat, birthday; ričunnokat, half-birthday
    15. smůṙtta, to hide (At), to encipher (AP); smůṙttaitif, a cipher, a code
    16. vůto, leaf
    17. kutuf, sound, noise in the abstract
    18. pep, to clap (Ai); pepep, applause
    19. kate, head
    20. not, bug, insect (especially a flying one)
    21. lut, pen
    22. sulla, to scream (like a toddler) (Ai)
    23. doṙjaoso, a magical giant squid-like creature
    24. kůṙsa, to freeze; kůṙse, ice
    25. spedda, to weave magical energy (Ai); spedde, an instance of a ritual; speddaitif, a ritual itself
    26. tunna, to scry (At)
    27. čunikase, childbearing-couple
    28. kaffaṙtif, the future, the future state of one’s life abstractly
    29. lot, to agree (At)
    30. kaffaṙlattaoaba, to schedule, to predict (At)
    31. kon, first; ven, last

    I only just now realized that the number system doesn’t really work with vowel harmony, so that’s definitely getting reworked (especially as I already didn’t much like it). Next time, it’ll have a few more roots and more fusion and be a little less systematic for small numbers, I think.

  2. And two more brings me to 31!



    1. hlafunn • [ ɦlɑf.’un: ] • n. children; youths


    1. kasa’kch • [ kɑs.’ɑʔ ] • n. a party, celebratory social gathering

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