Lexember 8

Lexember 8

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


8 thoughts on “Lexember 8

  1. Chulotti

    dainye, -i • [ ‘dain.jɛ ] • adj., n., shield arm, in reference to the Chulotti warrior tradition of swearing loyalty and partnership to a fellow warrior, to fight and stand beside each other until death; commonly called shield brother, brother in arms, or shield arm in translation, sometimes simply shield. These partners are considered as family and take an active role in caring for and/or training each other’s children and caring for each other’s elderly when necessary.

    Also, discovered that Chulotti is a zero copula language. Nice.

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