The Dailies. May 7

The Dailies. May 7

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


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  1. So this looks more like worldbuilding notes because it is, but it’s how I got two new words for my naming language. I don’t feel like using English will be as easy to convey the significance of these particular items.

    So about jewelry:

    Jewelry is very ethnic and/or regional and certain kinds are permitted even in military uniform.

    Kotanuf: wears tight necklaces, bracelets, and armbands as ethnic/cultural markers and/or for special occasions.

    Canaf: wears hair decorations to signify those one belongs to. Anything woven into a braid represents one’s personal loyalty, family, or significant other.

    Ijeve: wears earrings for male or female as a sign of wealth or on formal occasions. The Esodesë ethnic group wear braided bracelets to signify personal loyalties toward family or a team or group one belongs to at a similar level of loyalty.

    In the Flux, a gift of earrings is an unequivocal romantic gesture. A gift of an addition to an isosem bracelet (Ijeve) is considered intimate, but in a friendly or familial way. The Canavesë equivalent of isosem is neze, which is braided into the hair instead of around the wrist.

    Such gifts of jewelry are almost always accepted to avoid giving offense. An outright rejection on receiving such a gift leaves little or no room for a future relationship ever. Such gifts are considered a mark of reciprocal affection only when worn.

      1. Nope, but I should come up with one! I didn’t think about it because the significance of earrings are based on the person being from the right cultural group not a particular type of earrings like the bracelet is. Hm… I’ll see if I can come up with one I like.

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