The Dailies. August 19

The Dailies. August 19

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


3 thoughts on “The Dailies. August 19

  1. Yesterday I had my conlanging stream. I mostly ended up discussing the notion of efficiency and language with some ppl (heh), but I also managed to take some very rudimentary notes on phonotactics (probably no consonantal clusters with more than two stops, lol, and possibly no consonantal clusters of 2+ with more than two stops even if not adjacent). Then I did some research on templatic morphology. My template is currently just one box that says “0 – verb – stem”, lol. But I did put down some notes about things I’d like to do with it as I develop it.


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