Lexember 12

Lexember 12

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Lexember 12

  1. Hello everyone!

    It has definitely been a while since I have posted here. All is well and a lot of stuff has happened in the home front for the better, albeit with a lot of time away from conlanging. I have recently returned to coining new terms and I am slacking for Lexember; however, I have been marking my progress on my website. You can see the most recent updates on the Progress tab. I will try to post another separate word here tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. The 12th was the only day so far when I didn’t make a word because I just got so sleepy so fast. But I made double yesterday instead. Here’s for the 12th:


    Eyqwesedech /eyqwesedex/ = home, sleeping-place

    This is the second long word I’ve made and unlike the first which was just randomly generated, I actually built this. The gloss is sthg like:


    Basically sedech means sleep, qwe is the locative case and ey is a weird little word with no proper sematic content. It’s inspired by an Arabic particle (or whatever you wanna call it) that you add if you have a ditransitive where both objects are pronouns, so you have something to hang the second object affix on as you can’t put both on the verb. This one is essentially for hanging cases on when you’re being unspecific about the thing or talking in generalities. So here the meaning is sthg like “(a place) where (you) sleep”. 

    I don’t actually know if this is the final form because I haven’t done most of my morphology yet. Since this is a little VP turned conventionalized N, I’m not sure if it would need marking for word class, number etc. So it might get updated.

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