Lexember 5, 2019

Lexember 5, 2019

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Lexember 5, 2019

  1. nikda: illegal drug
    Efmafo kwaēdibindi nikda ond kōmo pemenmak: “Christians drink an illegal drug by means of a loophole.” (The larger society is quite restrictive about drug use.)

  2. My Lexember list said “Know” as my word of the day. From before, I have:

    AŠOHWY (aʃuʍy) – to confuse; to sow uncertainty or confusion

    So I thought, it would be cool if knowing was related to that but in an antonymic way. I decided that the prefix AŠ- is equivalent to un- or something like that.

    But then I realized know as antonymic of confuse doesn’t quite track since one seems causative and the other not. So I decided OHWYmy new word of the day, means “to inform, to enlighten” and that probably the final Y is the causative element somehow. I’m not clear on the detail, or what the root word “know” actually is but at least it’s progress.

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