The Dailies. September 26, 2021

The Dailies. September 26, 2021

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


4 thoughts on “The Dailies. September 26, 2021

  1. So did figure out that Night Quiet in the Nar language (for lack of having named it) is Jiot Lysha and in Kofnea:

    lesha: masc. quiet

    leshet: fem. quiet

    saiyar: expanse

    Presumably, saiyar is a feminine noun, considering how grammatical gender typically works and it’s a woman’s name, but I haven’t done much fussing in standardization yet, so.

      1. Yes, sorry! So when I looked at the Nar pattern of names earlier, but those from the parent culture, I noticed it seemed to actually match the one for the war clans, and Night Quiet was one of them. He’s a guy but when I figured out Leshet’s full name is Quiet Strength, that gave me a starting point to start unraveling some of them to their translated versions. Not sure really how the stories are going to use names as far as whether in English or original language, but I got a lot more names to dole out, so necessary.


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