The Dailies. September 7, 2021

The Dailies. September 7, 2021

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


3 thoughts on “The Dailies. September 7, 2021

  1. Sokokuetre: unshakeable

    airi: oil

    airehetre: dry, cooked without oil

    -tre is a negative adjectival suffix like -less


    So I needed a name and got this tidy heap.

  2. Sokokuetre is wonderful!! And it’s so good to have a negative suffix like that.

    I love that this language has a word for “cooked without oil”.

    Does sokokue mean something like “shaken”?



    1. Sorry, it’s taken me so long to reply. It’s been a week. My initial take, based on what I’ve got so far, is that soko is likely the root that means “to shake” and -kue corresponds to our -able. Shaken is sokorit or sokort (depends on regional variation).


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