Lexember 31, 2022

Lexember 31, 2022

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Lexember 31, 2022

  1. Word of the day: akhos, an armored woven vest paired with a segmented armored skirt, frequently divided in two or four to enable easier movement, typically worn by the northern clans of Alhaies, Bagtha, and the clans of the Hilakhot.

    I dropped the Lexember ball for a while, but when adding up all the words I did and not just the number of times I posted, I did at least get 19. Not 31, but ah well, I’m grateful to have made progress anyway.

      1. So as the akhot is apparently mostly worn by the Northern War Clans and the Eastern War Clans, it’s mostly made of the materials in each of those clans’ territories, which is going to be a lot of wool, leather, deerhair, and sometimes fish hide or scale. Down southeast, you’ll get some made of the more usual linen, cotton, and other plant-based materials. Technically, northeastern clans do get those as well, mostly through trade, but it’s more common to wear animal-based the further north you go. That’s the “softcloth” part of it.

        When armored, it’s either plated or woven with metal or iljot, which is basically very old, very very very expensive nanotech that grows in colonies of particular colors. Because they don’t remember what it is or how to make it, there is an extremely limited supply of the original stuff, that is iljot proper, and a limited but available supply of the stuff that grows and gets mined for use as currency (I have the word for that version hidden in a notebook somewhere), in certain kinds of network devices, or in armored weave.

        As for conjugations, I don’t think nouns get much declension in this language, but they might! I just haven’t sorted it out much.

  2. Sli panfanzaimnao! Happy new year!

    It’s been an entire year without me doing any conlanging at all, unfortunately. I haven’t even found time to read the comments here. Lexember might’ve normally gotten me back into it but I forgot about it entirely until a few days in and I’d just started working again after a month and a half away, and doing a lot more hours than I had been before to boot, so I had little energy or free time, so really it’s just been a bad month for my hobbies in general. The timing was unfortunate but that just happens sometimes.

    It turns out that I still remember roughly half of the baofusk alphabet even after this long, so that’s cool. I don’t remember much of Firen’s actual vocabulary but I suppose that’s not that surprising. I was just writing something for the sake of writing something and happened to decide to write “Ailhaotnůṙ”, “Firen”, and “baofusk” in baofusk, and I got halfway through “Ailhaotnůṙ” before I had to pull up my notes. Unfortunately my hand still cramps quite quickly from writing, so doing even just a few sentences has been a slow and painful process. Typing is okay but I can’t type baofusk, so that’s limiting.

    Speaking of typing, I have been meaning to start a blog. If I do anything conlanging related there I’ll link it here. But I don’t want to just start a wordpress.com blog or something, I have my own entire website I’m paying too much for, but I also don’t want to install a whole sophisticated blogging platform I’d have to keep updated and stuff just for myself so my current plan is to try to manually write/generate the HTML and RSS for it using some bespoke wiki-like system, because why be practical when I can do something the hard way instead? This is why I never get anything done lol.

    Anyways I should go to bed.

    1. Those plans sound delightful! Please do link. I always wished there were more good conlanging blogs and sites to read (while doing very little to contribute to content-making on that front alas, but still). And happy new year!

    2. Late reply but Sli panfanzaimnao!

      (I realize only now that I have no idea with what phrase/phrases the Beldreni or the Nahul would greet the New Year, even though it’s a very momentous occasion for both cultures…)


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