The Dailies. March 7, 2023

The Dailies. March 7, 2023

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


5 thoughts on “The Dailies. March 7, 2023

  1. So from the clans:

    1. davke, foreign traders, which they’ve banned giving evnenn or iljot to, but are allowed to give solgu (preference for white), to prevent wealth leaving the clans
    2. inut, resource(s)
    3. inuthghra, wealth, surplus resources (beyond that which is deemed needful)


    And from the Brín, a neighboring people on the other side of the western mountains, living in the rainshadow desert there:

    • thaifka, groups of elders whose responsibility it is to register trade transactions, employee payments, contracts, and customer and vendor complaints; these groups issue and revoke tokens which serve as selling permits within Brín territory, post litanies of complaints on those whose tokens have been revoked, hear disputes, issue judgments, and collect registration fees from those traders who register with them. A thaifka may choose to hire guards for their registrants in a marketplace or city. Multiple groups coexist in any given space, and no thaifka will accept a registration from a customer or trader who has been revoked with another thaifka. Due to the nature of the tribes in the region, whose livelihoods are trade, thaifka are the defacto government.
    1. More cool economic words from the clans! I really like inuthghra particularly. What a practical word!

      And yay! A word for a new-to-me people (I think)!  Sounds like a very central concept for the Brin.

      Do you think people from the clans would use the word thaifka if they happen to discuss matters relating to the Brin with each other?

      1. Very central! So central, the clans think that’s the name of their people, thus davke. Either they picked it up right before they lenited f to v medially, or just as plausibly, their phonotactics simply lenits f to v medially and doesn’t permit word-initial th. I’m not entirely sure if it’s incompatibility in their language or language change, though I’m gonna hazard a tiny bit of both, since there’s no issue for either of them with the ai diphthong.

        ETA: A moment of background, due to being surrounded on all sides by steep, highly defended mountain ranges on three sides and the Dragon Sea to the east (impassable, the myth that there’s an enormous dragon sleeping at the bottom of the sea preventing anyone from coming back to tell the tale is pretty much true), the war clans are extremely isolated, especially coming off of a genocidal war against them that ended a little over 100 years previously. While they did open up the country to an anthropologist / semi-ambassador from Lehwa perhaps a decade or two back, before that, their only strong non-clan ties were with Northland (during the war) and the Great City mostly before the war, not after it, with some amount of mild traffic with traders from Brín. The traders did mostly come through Northland, but there are passes through the western mountains and the clans used to manage limited traffic that way despite the war, which is how they ended up ceasing most relations with the Great City (even more isolationist than the clans for reasons I shall not elaborate here), and ended up called all foreign traders “davke,” instead of just the elders of the Brín.

        1. Oops, I should have realized the connection between thaifka and davke!


          Very interesting background information.

          While they did open up the country to an anthropologist / semi-ambassador from Lehwa
          Is this perhaps a character who features in your story?


          1. Totally fair you didn’t! It wasn’t my best day for speaking clearly.

            Admittedly, while she’s an important character to how certain things got the way they did, she’s got at most a scene or a few lines in the book, though her husband gets a bit part, since he serves in the same Elite unit and squad as one of the four POV characters.

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