The Dailies. September 25, 2023

The Dailies. September 25, 2023

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


3 thoughts on “The Dailies. September 25, 2023

  1. Actually been developing more dialectical differences and variations on what to call people in various roles and positions to self, giving -nou (the vocative) a workout as well.

    This is because when it boils down to it, I’ve got two major characters that are from a few generations back, speaking actually divergent dialects since they were both from very different isolated mountain villages. But fun enough, they interact with both people who speak the modern versions of their own dialects and people who speak entirely different dialects, including the mainstream dialect.

    Which is to say, what’s important is less how do they actually speak and more how does that actually translate differently from other speakers. For example, I got modern version of same village of origin calling main character ‘my aunt’ practically the second he’s aware she’s from the same band, but before that he calls her ma’am. Of actually interest, is that I would have thought it would be “auntie” or something like that but no, this is a respectful possessive. Skips right past relational terms, though I don’t see any way to translate -miets comfortably but as “my” or “my immediate,” so sometimes them using different terms really isn’t going to make a difference once it’s translated. But sometimes it is.

    At least I’m having fun.


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