Lexember 13, 2023

Lexember 13, 2023

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


One thought on “Lexember 13, 2023

  1. Okay, so some Kofnea words again!

    1. kanoutso – v. 1. to gather, as in a family gathering; 2. to visit (with), generally for a few hours or so; 3. to visit (with), as in a date during an acknowledged courtship
    2. shigo – n. a shop where one purchases items to take home, which are not necessarily “made” onsite as with ongingam (teashop) or hyengam (bakery); see also pmtung
    3. pmtung – n. a shop for trade goods, generally selling products made by others, which are purchased by the shop before selling
    4. basuar – n. neut. 1. dessert(s) or sweets; 2. fruit
    5. daousn – n. div. an occasional gift, whether for a holiday or personal event, etc.
    6. daousn yesh – n. div. sea gifts, prepared for Yunchot Tsuveyesh, the last day of the year, consisting of carved fruits or gourds, baked goods, and other foods made in the shapes of people, sacred animals, or plants to be thrown into the sea (or a river that empties into the sea) as offerings to the dragon under the sea. Some also eat or exchange sea gifts on the day with their immediate family members, which may include ones carved from wood or treated gourds to be more permanent, and may be painted in the colors of the holiday (pink, green, blue, and white).
    7. daousn duuotson – n. div. memory gifts, items created, displayed, or exchanged during Yunchot Tsuveyon, the summer solstice, which are used to record important memories or commemorate personally important events
    8. duuot – n. neut. memory, in the sense of “thing(s) remembered”
    9. duutha – n. masc. instinct; one’s immediate or first thought or idea
    10. duuotso – v. to remember
    11. duuotson – n. memory, as in one’s ability to remember or a collection of remembrances


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