The Colourful Week – Day 3

The Colourful Week – Day 3

This is the third day of The Colourful Week challenge, which consists of describing pictures using your conlang. You can write from a single simple sentence to a full paragraph. That’s up to you! Today’s picture is:


You include the IPA transcription, gloss or other information. Thank you for participating!


3 thoughts on “The Colourful Week – Day 3

  1. For tarina:

    Odilu cobhisa cobobus te’e ise apeli o’oi nicai co’e’umus ca. Eba co’u’ushos vadu, e’eno fobu.

    Translation: The huge bird is swimming in a lake while two girls look at it. One girl is happy, the other is scared.

    Literal translation: Very-big bird is swimming in lake while two girls are looking it. One is being happy, other scared.

    IPA: odilu koβisa kobobus teʔe ise apeli oʔoj nikaj koʔeʔumus ka. eba koʔuʔuʃos vadu eʔeno fobu

    Notes: The cob- in bird and swim is a coincidence (co- is the progressive aspect marker). Also, cou’ushos (“is being”) uses the spiritual formality because in the culture of tarina, feelings are part of the spiritual world. And, as you can see, the verb to be can be omitted if it’s easy to understand from the context.

  2. Nūpdoko kowākab fān beme fumo.

    The water bird has an orange mouth.

    Possess-3s bird-the water(adj) mouth orange. (My con-culture has a mishmash of influences but I’m setting it on a northern archipelago, so there’s a specific word for “water” as in “water bird!”)

  3. A very simple sentence, but triggered a very important invention in my conlang namely how to use predicate adjectives. So:


    ke:t es i’jenud

    bird that copula’big

    That bird is large


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