Describe somebody – Day 2

Describe somebody – Day 2

This is the second day of the “Describe somebody” challenge, which consists in describing somebody you know. Today, you have to describe one of your siblings. If you don’t have siblings, one of your cousins. Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph.

(Note: for some reason it didn’t publish when it was scheduled. Sorry!)


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      1. While I don’t want to try the headache of glossing it properly right this minute (it’s very unEnglish), here’s the word definition:

        ngunda • [ ŋun.da ] • to be close to, to be friends with, lit. to see inside — verb. Connotations are to know someone well or intimately and to know the person they are without any masks or put on personas, as in Hungundáhe? Do you really know me?. From anguno, to see, to look at, and indehit, that which is inside or within.

        It basically added the leading á to indicate a first person object and changed the final a to a final i to indicate a third person subject.

  1. Simple, and not much different from yesterday, but here it is anyway:


    Rasmus ælwiwas lehwa-hme. Sehasaji yhwā.

    Rasmus was-named sibling-my. Tattoos-many

    My sibling’s name is Rasmus. He has many tattoos.


    New word: sehasa, meaning tattoo.

  2. Nūfdoko difoyo dugo efdo pwē vendavdi. Benkēko dūmpopdi. Iheko kūdūp dif bim bo. Mōkōkod dūb pem kaēgōdi dipo.

    My brother learns about laws. He plays drums. He is taller than me. He drove onto ice years ago.

    Learn-3s sibling man my about law-pl. (Play music)-3s drum-pl. (To be-temp)-3s more-tall than 1s-indir upwards. (Ride-controlling)-3s-past (on top of) ice year-pl ago.

    (There was snow on the road so he skidded off that and onto a lake that was frozen over. Thankfully, everyone was fine and so was the car. 😉 )

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