Describe somebody – Day 3

Describe somebody – Day 3

This is the third day of the “Describe somebody” challenge, which consists in describing somebody you know. Today, you have to describe one of your grandparents. Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph.


5 thoughts on “Describe somebody – Day 3

  1. Esupidha bha’u’ushus odesu. Ca bhavuduvus avu odhi bi. Ca bha’u’ushus vadu pina

    The grandfather is very old. He goes to a lot of places. He is a happy man.

    Grandfather is veryold. He goes to many places. He is happy maleperson.

    I don’t have time to put the IPA, I have something to do! I’ll do it later if I remember.

  2. Bemnoko hodūmono dugo dūfondi kaēpin. Būnūboko fēndak. Baēnēko yepdogdi daduko. Anduyekod yēfnēyēf kaēgōdi dipo.

    My grandfather likes many sports. He doesn’t hear well. He rides big ships often. He married sixty-six years ago.

    Like-3s grandparent man sport-pl many. Not-hear-3s well-adv. Ride-3s (large ship)-pl habitual. Marry-3s-past six-tens-six year-pl ago.

    (It’s not clear from the example I used here but my numeric system is base 10, but written “backwards” relative to the rest of the language.)


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