Ideas for new challenges

Ideas for new challenges

Hi! As you can see, there’s no weekly challenge this week (I ran out of time, I couldn’t even participate in the last days of the last week challenge). I hope to start a new challenge new week, but I’m looking for ideas. Remember that you can also organise a challenge yourself, but if you prefer that I organise it, no problem: just leave a comment with your idea!


8 thoughts on “Ideas for new challenges

  1. I’m up for a bit of anything, tbh. My only preference is that I prefer challenges that are a bit broader and open to interpretation, so that they’re doable by ppl whose conlangs are at different stages of development. I’ve really enjoyed the 2 past week’s challenges (the color one and the Let’s go one) because I could actually play even though I’m sorta early days still. I’m also a sucker for thematic or seasonal challenges.

  2. I think a “describing people” could be fun–a family member? friend? a fictional character of your own/someone else’s invention? yourself as seen by someone else? I could run that if you don’t want to.

  3. There is a challenge that I find quite cool on reddit called, “Telephone.” The original poster lists a word from his/her language along with its definition. The idea is this: all the other conlangers use that word listed and change it slightly to match that of their own language and create a new word that has a similar meaning.

    e.g. Suppose the word listed is artash:

    artash n. lock

    Then we look at that and create a new word in our language with our sounds:

    artashu n. fem. lock  
    etađun v. to lock… et cetera

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