Let’s go to… – Day 7

Let’s go to… – Day 7

This is the seventh and last day of the Let’s go to… challenge. And today you have been teleported to… TRAPPIST-1e, in the present times.

Describe your experiences. What you see, hear, smell, touch or taste, your feelings, the friends you make… As always you can write just a three-words sentence or a full story.

Thank you for participating!


4 thoughts on “Let’s go to… – Day 7

  1. Dagabo pa wofwā yogak. Iheko dumo efdo ham ne. Baēhābo yūyē.

    I am on the fourth planet. My sun is small. I look for water.

    (To be located)-1s at four-ordinal planet. (To be-temp) sun my small (all around). (Look for)-1s water.

    Love this challenge! Thanks so much. 😀


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