The Colourful Week – Day 6

The Colourful Week – Day 6

This is the sixth day of The Colourful Week challenge, which consists of describing pictures using your conlang. You can write from a single simple sentence to a full paragraph. That’s up to you! Today’s picture is:


You include the IPA transcription, gloss or other information. Thank you for participating!


2 thoughts on “The Colourful Week – Day 6

  1. In tarina:

    Fe’u linosha bhalisushus soca.

    Literal translation: Little elephant loves plant.

    IPA: feʔu linoʃa βalisuʃus soka

    This drawing is cute!

  2. The gray protector makes rain fall.

    Bēkofo fogodi himnako efdidip pekē.

    Arrive-3p rain-pl make-3s protect-(thing that) gray.

    (The reason this is funny is because the verb used to describe cloud agency is “protect,” as in, clouds are protecting the divine sun/moon from the gaze of us sinful and puny mortals, and rain (which almost always takes the plural) is an honored arrival from such exalted heights. Some etymotheology for you.)

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