The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 4

The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 4

Today is the fourth day of the Colorful Week 2.0 challenge. Today’s picture is:


Your task is to describe or talk about it in your conlang. Write as much as you want!


One thought on “The Colorful Week 2.0 – Day 4

  1. So apparently I found this gif really inspirational because it made me invent a saying! Here it is:

    Meirefa i-kētam, meirefi i-motze, meirefu i-taʐjomkeme

    (Few) tries is flightiness, (too many) is foolishness, (many) attempts is persistence.


    So this expression uses the word meiref (attempt, try, “go”) in each of the tree plurals, first the paucal plural for things that are few (relative to expectation), then the emphatic plural for things that are many (again, compared to expectation) and finally in the plain plural. Essentially, this expression is about finding the balance of how many times to attempt something, so that you don’t quite too easily but also don’t keep going like the dude in the gif! I quite like it, hah!

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