The Conweek – Day 2

The Conweek – Day 2

This is the second day of the Conweek challenge. In this challenge, you have to describe different aspects of your conworld or conculture.

Today you have to describe an animal or a plant of your conworld that doesn’t exist on the Earth.

Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph!


3 thoughts on “The Conweek – Day 2

  1. I’ve missed two days of the challenge but decided to try to catch up rather than skip! Here’s day 2:

    Yghǣt ēmam.  Æze ghām ælwiwyl-tu, to-deu tyry-tu i-æze.

    There’s (a) food. We call it strong root, because its taste is strong/spicy.

    Not very exciting, lol! I’m actually not sure if the first phrase works like this because usually it would be “there’s food” as in like “food is present here”, so I don’t actually know if or how saying “there’s (a type of) food” would be different. I envision Strong Root as a kind of horse radish type thing, similar to wasabi, that’s very common in their cooking in various formats. I may end up naming it “fire root” or something instead but I don’t have a word for fire yet.


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