The Dailies. May 21

The Dailies. May 21

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


2 thoughts on “The Dailies. May 21

  1. Today I have new words for Nahul that will lead up to a new compound verb, one which I will then go on to conjugate in several sample sentences! It’s all verbs and verbal nouns.

    pazu (n) work
    lo-paz (v) to work; pazá, ‘I worked’
    mul (n) lack, deficit
    lo-mul (v) to want for, to lack; mulá (miat), I lacked (something). Primarily for factual matters but it can also be used in an emotional sense to express ‘I miss (someone/something)’
    amul (n) expectation [in the written language, Highlands Nahul and Coast Nahul]; wait [in Highlands Nahul and Coast Nahul. Not in use in Lowlands Nahul]
    lamul (v) to expect, amulá (miat),‘I expected (something)’. As above: in Highlands and Coast Nahul lamul also means ‘to wait’, but in the written standard, it only means ‘to expect’. The word isn’t used in Lowlands Nahul.
    lo-gop (v) to wait, gopá, I waited. In Lowlands Nahul lo-gop also means ‘to expect’, but in the written standard it only means ‘to wait’. The word isn’t used in Highlands and Coast Nahul.
    gopoth (n) wait. In Lowlands Nahul it also means ‘expectation’. Not used in Highlands and Coast Nahul.
    lo-pazamul (v) to deserve; pazamulá, ‘I deserved’. Lit. ‘work’+’expect’. Might also mean ‘to earn’, as with Swedish and German.
    pazamul (n) desert(s); what you’ve deserved; maybe also ‘earning(s).

    Watarí na-deng lumat pazamularí. People get what they deserve.

    (A long word like pazamularí has a secondary stress, besides the main stress on the final syllable. In this case the secondary stress is on -mul-.)

    Pazamularí pik. They deserve it.
    Pazamuledarí pik. They don’t deserve it.
    Pazamulár pik. They deserved it.
    Pazamulekár pik. They will deserve it.
    Pazamulekedár pik. They will not deserve it.
    Pazamulezár pik. They might deserve it.
    Pazamulezedár pik. They might not deserve it.
    Pazamulezekár pik. They might come to deserve it.
    Pazamulezekedár pik. They might not come to deserve it.

    Pazamultarí el-waní ga na-dengel. (approx.) The gifts are (well-)deserved by the people. (This sounds weird in English, though!)
    Pazamultedár pipu. They [inanimate] are not (well-)deserved. (The pronoun is added to make things clearer. It tends to be more often added for inanimate things.)
    Pazamultekár pipu. They will be (well-)deserved.
    Pazamultekedar pipu. They will not be (well-)deserved.

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