7 thoughts on “Lexember Wrap-Up

  1. I added 44 new words to Akachenti and am overall happy with the results. Now to just actually build a consolidated dictionary, which I’ve apparently started three times but never properly done. 😮

  2. Lots of delays for me until I could contribute, and in the end a number of the words I posted were actually from old notes I’d forgotten and found again during Christmas cleaning. 😀 But I still had to settle on forms for them, and a good deal of other words really were brand new. So it feels good!

    I hadn’t made a conscious decision to focus solely on one language, but that’s how it ended up, and in hindsight it feels like a good thing. Beldreeni has long had more words than Nahul, anyway – nothing bad about letting Nahul catch up, so to speak.

    1. I feel like zeroing in on one language probably results in better quality, at least for myself because you stay in the right mindset the whole time. And cleaning up old vocabulary and finalizing it totally counts. I did a little of that myself.

  3. I added 39 words to Orklang, or Aruqumda’ru as I now know it’s called. I didn’t do as much worldbuilding or grammar dev as I wanted but that’s okay, I did a bit and most of all I had a ton of fun! Looking forward to next year already!


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