Lexember 31

Lexember 31

Welcome to the Lexember Challenge!

Every year, conlangers can take the opportunity for the month of December to challenge ourselves to add a new word to our conlang’s lexicon.

What word have you coined today? Any cultural or associated worldbuilding notes? Tell us about your inspiration!


6 thoughts on “Lexember 31

  1. As with all my Lexember contributions, this final one also concerns Nahul.

    lo-rup (v) ‘to do magic’, ‘to bespell someone’. Can be both transitive and intransitive. Can be used for benevolent magic but usually with a qualifier like nova, ‘good’ – without such clarification, the default assumption is that the magic is malevolent or at best otherworldly.
    rupekh (n) ‘spell’ Class II
    erup (n) ‘witch, magician, wizard’

    Rupai gien! ‘I put a spell on you!’
    Rupé inek! ‘You put a spell on me!/You cursed me!’
    Ruplá inan! lit. ‘I am bespelled!’ (using the passive voice), i.e. ‘Someone has done magic on me!’
    ra-rup ‘bespelled one’, ‘cursed one’

    Tata esezá erup rupezá ho-timul. If I were a witch, I would bespell that man.
    Senedarí ran-maddon kolu rumarí phi-rupekh. The Learned Ones don’t believe spells exist.
    (Note: May not go for all Learned Ones!)

  2. Last word is totally random, I just liked the sound and thought this was a good meaning for it

    Na’ku /naʔku/ =  to cut (with a knife or axe etc)


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