The Dailies. May 2, 2023

The Dailies. May 2, 2023

Did you work on your language today? Create any new rules of grammar or syntax? New progress on a script? New words in your lexicon?

On the other hand, do any excavating or reading or enjoying stuff you’ve already created? Do you have any favorites to share?

How did you conlang today?


3 thoughts on “The Dailies. May 2, 2023

  1. Okay, so back with some more Kofnea-Kolos, this time finally having sat down with some clothing and personal presentation terms, similar to the way we would say “dress business casual” or “business professional” or “evening wear.”

    1. baam – n. 1. face; 2. expression, that is how one expresses one’s thoughts, feelings, creative efforts, or voice; 3. presentation, that is how one dresses, styles, and presents themselves
    2. baam suim – n. beautiful clothing and presentation style, can be anywhere from semi- to fully “dressy”
    3. baam pns – n. comfortable clothing and presentation style, considered casual
    4. baam okhsh – n. work clothes and presentation
    5. suim shiuntsi – a style of presentation, incl. dress, scents, makeup, jewelry, and colors considered appropriate for casual or formal social occasions. It’s marked by what are considered green scents, soft clothing lines and cuts which do not expose clan marks, darker “evening” shades of colors, understated jewelry (usually stone, nonlustrous metal) and hairstyle, and natural makeup if any.
    6. suim ghra – a style of personal presentation considered appropriate for formal social occasions. It’s marked by floral scents, decorative hairstyles, longer, more formal robes and dresses in bright colors and richer materials, noticeable makeup, and jewelry that “glitters” (usually gems and lustrous metals). Clan marks may or may not be visible.
    7. suim pns – light clothing with patterns and floral colors, floral or fruit scents, considered appropriate for most casual or dressy occasions, incl. everyday wear
    8. okhsh danmi – a style of personal presentation seen as permissive working uniform, which allows some stylistic or personal choice variations from a set uniform. It is one of few presentation styles viewed as almost always appropriate, excepting the rare occasions when strict uniform is required. Danmi in practice varies by uniform and profession. Professions with no set uniform cannot utilize danmi. Shortened to khsh’danmi or uzhanme (ishiam).
    9. okhsh udus – everyday work presentation, following a strict uniform or dress code. Varies by workplace and profession.
    10. pns nagm – a style of personal presentation considered appropriate for casual wear or work around the home but not in public. It’s marked by functional clothing which may be worn or damaged from previous work done in it, e.g. paint spattered jeans, and a lack of makeup or jewelry.
    11. pns idrntso – a style of personal presentation appropriate for casual wear or casual social occasions with loose-fitting tops and pants, usually longer cuts, e.g. tunics to above the knee rather than shirts to the waist, natural makeup if any, understated jewelry if any, and wood and spice scents. Can be made suitable for more formal occasions in Vannu, where most of the clothing styles originated.
    12. yenes – a style of personal presentation which may come as suim or pns, marked by clothing cut to show one’s clan marks, which will almost certainly include the back of the right shoulder but may also show the parts of the arms where spoken for relationships are indicated or the entire back with the full clans markings. It includes “night colors,” blacks and very dark shades of other colors, and originated as primarily a northern clans presentation.
    13. daashi – a style of personal presentation often thought synonymous with suim pns, but which (like yenes) is often used to modify other styles, marked by gold bangle or ring-shaped jewelry, citrus scents, and fitted clothing


    It took me an exceptionally long time to format this in a digestible format, but there it is anyway. I’ll put together the vocab I made while typing this tomorrow hopefully.


    1. I am in awe of all the ideas you have around clothing and presentation, and how well the Kofnea-Kolos works to express them!!

      Baam seems like a particularly fertile root…

      1. Yes, very fertile. I had been looking quite actively for what root was going to be used for “expression” of a voice (creator) and then up came face, leading to presentation and expression, and just those two concepts meant this thing was going to show up EVERYWHERE.

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