The Conweek – Day 1

The Conweek – Day 1

This is the first day of the Conweek challenge. In this challenge, you have to describe different aspects of your conworld or conculture.

Today you have to describe a person from your conworld.

Write as much as you want, from a sentence to a full paragraph!


8 thoughts on “The Conweek – Day 1

  1. This challenge made me so productive today! haha. A sentence! But like, a kinda long one with a conjunction.


    Liaje ælwiwas, fe Lǣši ælwiwā to-deu saghdǣl-šwe i-kinio tōm tæsini.

    Liaje 3p.s-was named, and Lǣši is-named because profession-s.they is-reader of words

    They were named Liaje, and are called Lǣši because their profession is (as) an interpreter.


    Bad glossing, I know. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m considering letting the “to have as a name” verb be used for your birth name in the past but your taken-as-adult name in the present. So this person was named Liaje (which is an as-of-yet undetermined flower) by their parents, but the name they use mostly is Lǣši (which means “tongues/languages” in the emphatic plural, so “many languages”), which they took because they work as an interpreter and are known for being multilingual.

  2. Berhali, na’ure-aledina, bhau’ushos Larin Noma ile nava Varishin.

    Translation: Berhali, the immortal one, is the Larin Noma and the king of Verishi.

    Literal Translation: Berhali, person-forever-living, is Larin Noma and king of Verishi.

    IPA: beɾali, naʔurealedina, βauʔuʃos larin noma ile nava variʃin.

    I created the active participle for this translation! It uses the ending -ina: aledina (living).


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